Indoor Air Quality or IAQ


Indoor Air Quality or IAQ, what's that??

Indoor air quality is exactly as it sounds, the quality of the air space within a structure. This being a major concern for the health of the occupants within. 

When air quality is low we call this “sick building syndrome”. This can be cause by mold, allergens, asbestos, humidity-mismanagement, smoke, bacteria, viruses and carbon monoxide to name some. By any one of these pollutants being unchecked in a home or building the air space can be quite unhealthy for the occupants to breath. 

What would you say if I said you could turn your furnace or central air moving equipment into a super efficient air cleaner? By adding a small amount of devices into your Furnace or air handler we can majorly increase the value of that expensive piece of equipment.  By lessening the pollutants that attack the human immune system in the home your body will have more resources to fight the pollutants you encounter in your life outside the home. This in turn will you more productive and your children more ready to learn.  Most of the time with a furnace or air handler the ducting reaches most areas of the building, so by adding IAQ products we now clean the air in the entire building with one appliance.  

Accolade Plumbing and Heating has solutions! See the products below for more information.  

Electronic air cleaner

By adding a high efficient electronic air filter we can remove up to 99% of air borne particles. This includes, but is not limited to, pollen, mold, dust and dander. This efficient filtration alone will make the air in the home substantially better for people with asthma or allergies. No more runny nose?!

The air flow through this filter is very efficient and will keep the wear on your furnace or air handler down. The added benefit from using one of these filters is waste reduction. This filter is serviceable and washable so as long as the maintenance schedule is kept up with there is little to no parts to replace or throw out like standard pleated paper filters. This maintenance can be handled by the customer so you not need to budget for additional service calls.  

See the video below for a introduction to electronic air filtration.

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Ultraviolet Light air cleaner or UV air cleaner

Most people don’t realize that if someone sneezes in the home the water droplets get pulled into the ducting and spread all around the home. This could mean the droplets land on you while you sit to read or eat at the kitchen table. Yuck! 

To lower the building air contamination of bacteria and infections diseases we install an ultraviolet light. UV light has the ability to kill bacterial, viruses, mold and any other light sensitive pollutants. Some of the UV light systems even come with an odor absorption component. By adding this component to system we have now greatly reduced the chances of getting a cold from indoor air pollution. 

See the video below for an introduction to Ultraviolet Light systems.